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Nord Anglia Education 
Boarding and Independent Schools with Rubicon

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There’s no limit to what your child can achieve at d'Overbroeck's.


Theirprogressive educational philosophy – delivered in a relaxed learning environment based on trust and mutual respect – unlocks each student’s unique potential. Whether they’re studying on our 7-11 site, at The International School, or in our Sixth Form, your child will enjoy a bespoke education that truly embraces their talents and ambitions for the future.


Guided by highly skilled teachers, d'Overbroeck's students flourish academically. They are consistently ranked among the top 5% of UK schools for academic progress, with learners far-exceeding their predicted GCSE and A-level grades. The result is confident graduates with a real sense of purpose, who go on to pursue their passions at university and beyond. 

d'Overbroeck's | Key facts

Outstanding results

d'Overbroeck's class of 2022 achieved exceptional A-level results, with 66% earning A* or A grades.

World's top universities

d'Overbroeck's students’ success takes them to the world’s best universities, including Oxford, MIT, and UCL.

Personalised and ambitious

Whatever your child’s talents or goals, our approach will ensure they achieve more with d'Overbroeck's.


English National Curriculum

Our forward-thinking, fully personalised approach to secondary education is underpinned by the academically rigorous English National Curriculum. This includes an extensive choice of subjects at both GCSE and A-level, as well as five British academic programme options for students who join The International School.


Used by more than 30,000 schools worldwide, the English National Curriculum is respected by the world’s top universities and employers.

The International School (TIS)

Offering choice, the highest teaching standards, and exceptional English as an Additional Language support, The International School (TIS) is the perfect introduction to the British education system. Alongside a traditional two-year IGCSE programme, we offer four flexible options: the one-year IGCSE, 4 or 5-term IGCSE, UK Study Abroad, and The Discovery Years. In an academically challenging yet nurturing environment, our students’ individual talents flourish. 

Year 7-11 (ages 11-16)

At Key Stages 3 and 4, our students immerse themselves in learning that’s built around their strengths, interests, and aspirations. Subject specialists deliver a broad curriculum that encourages our Year 7-9 students to be curious, think outside the box, and push the boundaries. In Years 10 and 11, your child will specialise in their chosen GCSE subjects, creating their own route to Sixth Form, university, and beyond. 

Sixth Form (6th)

With a choice of 36 A-level subjects – which can be studied in any combination – an extensive academic enrichment programme, and the best pastoral care, our Sixth Form sets students up for the brightest of futures. Guided by teachers who are at the forefront of their subject specialism, your child will be empowered to achieve more than they ever imagined possible. This develops self-reflective graduates, who are confident, independent thinkers.

If you’d like more information about our features, get in touch today.

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A typical day at d'Overbroeck's

Fun, laughter, and extraordinary experiences are part of every student’s day. There’s so much happening across our three sites – not to mention at our Arts Centre – and your child will love every moment.

The d’Overbroeck’s boarding community is like a family. They embrace individuality and celebrate uniqueness, and create a relaxed yet stimulating environment where everyone can be themselves. Living at d'Overbroeck's also means academic support, exciting activities, and friendship are available every single day.

At the d'Overbroeck's boarding school in Oxford, your child will: 

  • Receive round-the-clock care from our dedicated house parents. 

  • Live in comfortable houses set in beautiful surroundings. 

  • Benefit from the highest academic standards. 

  • Enjoy weekend trips and activities that enrich their experience. 

  • Make lifelong friends from around the world. 


D'Overbroeck's school has a diverse family of international boarders live in one of four comfortable houses. Students share social areas where they can relax with friends, watch films, and play games. Your child will also benefit from supported study periods in the evening. 

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Embracing Uniqueness


Their highly skilled, abundantly qualified educators don’t just teach, they inspire. Fully committed to our progressive ethos, they’ll unlock your child’s unique potential through a personalised blend of pastoral support, British academic rigour, and exciting interactive experiences.

In small class sizes, our teachers have the time and space to build a strong rapport with each student, tailoring learning to their individual talents and goals. Empowered to believe in themselves and follow their passions, your child will blossom as an individual and achieve remarkable academic success.


D'Overbroeck's teachers embrace innovation in and beyond the classroom, finding new ways to push the boundaries and spark our students’ imaginations.

They’re proud to be a cutting-edge Microsoft Showcase School, one of only 78 in the UK and 600 globally. This highlights our team’s commitment to creating immersive experiences that develop the digital skills our students need now and in the future.

In their contemporary learning spaces, labs, and suites, our teachers expertly integrate the latest education technology (EdTech) across the curriculum. This includes Microsoft Surface tablets, 3D printers, and virtual reality equipment, which facilitate research, design thinking, and creativity, and unlock unforgettable learning experiences.

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A top #10 School


D'Overbroeck's School (Oxford) has also been ranked 69th in a recent league table, published in The Telegraph newspaper, of the best small independent schools in the UK for A-level results. It was the second highest-ranking small independent school in the West Midlands region.

Academic Excellence at d'Overbroeck's


At d’Overbroeck’s, they believe in the power of meaningful teacher-student partnerships. In small class sizes, their exceptional educators will get to know your child, nurture their confidence and self-belief, and ensure they’re learning in a way – and in the subjects – that are right for them.

Every single member of the teaching team is carefully chosen, based not only on their impeccable qualifications and experience, but also their commitment to our ethos and values. Experts in their field, many of our teachers are also national and international examiners. Several have Master’s degrees or PhDs, too. This means they’re perfectly placed to deliver the innovative learning experiences and tailored pastoral care your child needs to flourish.

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School Day & After-School Actvities (ASAs)


They serve a healthy and nutritious breakfast every day, which includes a wide variety of hot and cold options. This brings the school community together at the start of the day.


Throughout the school day, boarders have plenty of contact with the school pastoral team, ensuring that any concerns are shared and resolved.


Free time in the boarding houses is about fun and building friendships! Staff lead some of our communal activities, but the team also encourage our boarders to come up with their own clubs, events, and plans.


Dinner is served in school rather than in boarding houses, although a variety of healthy snacks are available in our house kitchens. Students can also use the kitchen facilities to prepare their own meals, if they fancy a taste of home!


Younger students have structured study time, supported by school staff and visiting tutors. Guided by their tutors, our older students construct their own study timetable, based on their subjects and workload.


Curfews and bedtimes vary by age. The school makes sure the house Wi-Fi is turned off overnight to ensure all students get a good night’s rest.

Vegan Bowl

Food & Nutrition

Boarders enjoy a freshly prepared breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day, as well as a variety of healthy snacks. At weekends, your child will sit down with friends for a tasty brunch and hot evening meal.

Food forms a fundamental part of the daily routine at d'Overbroeck's, as does health, both physical and mental.


Outstanding Experiences


Whatever your child’s talents and passions, we’ll embrace them at d’Overbroeck’s. Here, every student is empowered to do what they love, enjoy new adventures, and realise their personal and academic aspirations for the future.


Exclusive collaborations with boundary-pushing organisations like The Juilliard School and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) make our school a truly unique place to learn, while life-changing trips to Tanzania, Switzerland, and New York develop confidence and independence, and give our students a global perspective.


More than 50 co-curricular clubs ensure there really is an activity for everyone, too.



Exclusive collaborations with The Juilliard School and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) enhance our students’ school experience, both in and beyond the classroom.



Their global programme inspires students to look beyond individual subjects and harness the benefits of an interdisciplinary, practical, hands-on approach to learning guided by the world’s leading STEAM institution. Nord Anglia students are encouraged to solve problems creatively, to embrace curiosity and to learn from world-leading experts at MIT. It also gives their teachers the chance to learn and receive professional development from inspiring figures in the world of STEAM and pass on their passion for learning to their students.

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Student Wellbeing

Your child’s personality will shine through in their warm and welcoming boarding school community. Good humour and mutual respect are essential elements of life at our school, creating an empowering environment where every student can be themselves.

The d'Overbroeck's comprehensive wellbeing programme – led by a dedicated Director of Pastoral Care and Wellbeing – nurtures our boarders’ health and happiness. This includes 24/7 medical support and access to a counsellor. Their boarders also enjoy a nutritious diet, form positive social relationships, and take part in regular physical activity, all essential components of a healthy lifestyle. 




Ages 11-18

40+ Nationalities

1:7 Teacher:Student Ratio


d’Overbroeck’s is one school spread across three main sites – Years 7-11, The International School, and their purpose-built Sixth Form – in north Oxford.


Each site is an enlivening, energising environment, where students can be themselves, celebrate their talents, and do what they love. Their school also boasts a contemporary Arts Centre with facilities that compare to those found in the UK’s top creative institutions.


Inspired by their university city’s world-famous history and traditions – and surrounded by culture and stunning green spaces – their students are perfectly placed to make the most of everything Oxford has to offer, too.


Your child will love learning in tech-enriched classrooms, specialist facilities, and vibrant creative spaces. Whether they’re inventing the future in our labs, starring on stage in our 200-seat theatre, or exhibiting in the Arts Centre, their school has everything your child needs to achieve success.

- A specialist Arts Centre for fine art, 3D art, photography, and textiles.
- Cohen Hall, a multi-purpose, 200-seat venue with professional sound and lighting.
- Custom-built Sixth Form centre, designed to offer an outstanding 21st century education.
- Music suite with a recording studio.
- Access to world-class sports facilities through our partnership with the University of Oxford.


Weekend Trips

For boarders, evenings and weekends are made for fun. Students who live in d'Overbroeck's boarding school in Oxford enjoy a fun-packed schedule of activities, ranging from theme parks and zorbing to cultural trips to London and Bath.

Your child can also attend lectures at the Saïd Business School, pursue sporting passions in the University of Oxford’s world-class facilities, and enjoy the cultural delights of our city – from museums and galleries to theatres and restaurants.



D'Overbroeck's School Calendar 2024-25 can be found here

Years 7-11 (ages 11-16)

Open to 11 to 16-year-olds from across the UK and internationally, your child can join d'Overbroeck‘s in either Year 7, 8, 9, or 10. Prospective students will be invited to a group or individual assessment, which includes a two-hour cognitive abilities test.

Years 12-13 (ages 17-19)

D'Overbroeck's hugely popular Sixth Form welcomes 16 to 18-year-old day and boarding students. Entry requirements depend on whether your child is a UK or international applicant (overseas students, for example, will need to sit our entrance exams). All applicants will be asked to write a short personal statement as part of their application, and interview with our Sixth Form leadership team.  

The International School (ages 13-16)

The International School is open to overseas students aged from 13 to 16. They offer five distinct academic programmes, each of which has specific entry points and requirements. All prospective students will write a short personal statement as part of their application. The Rubicon team will then invite your child to sit entrance exams, and interview with the school senior leadership team. 

Fee Information (GBP:HKD 1:10    |    GBP:CNY 1:13)

YEARS 7-11 2023-2024


Registration Fee    £150
Acceptance Fee    £800
Deposit    £400 (Refunded after completion of final term)

Total: GBP£1,350    |    HK$13,500   |    CNY人民币¥17,550

Termly Fee    £7,250
Termly tuition fees include lunch

Total year: GBP£21,750    |    HK$210,750   |    CNY人民币¥282,750

Instrumental Music / Voice    £40 per 35-minute session ($400 / ¥520)

SIXTH FORM 2023-2024


Registration Fee    £150

Acceptance Fee    £825

Deposit(Refunded after completion of final term)    £3,200

Total: GBP£1,350    |    HK$13,500   |    CNY人民币¥17,550


Termly Fee    £9,515

Total: GBP£1,350    |    HK$13,500   |    CNY人民币¥17,550


Boarding houses    £7,740 Per term

Upper Sixth studio flats    £8,940 Per term

Weekly boarding    £5,180 Per term

Host familiesApproximately    £5,885 Per term (depending on facilities of host accommodation)


Total: GBP£1,350    |    HK$13,500   |    CNY人民币¥17,550

Boarding charges include breakfast and dinner


Lunch    £436 (equivalent to around £7.25 per day)

Instrumental Music / Voice    £40 per 35-minute session

EAL (English as an additional language)    £4,360 for Year 12 (payable at the start of the academic year) (HK$400 / CNY¥ 520 & HK$43,600 or CNY¥: 66,680)


Registration Fee    £150
Acceptance Fee    £825
Deposit    £3,200 (Refunded after completion of final term)

Total: GBP4,175    |    HK$41,750   |    CNY人民币¥54,275

Termly Fee    
Year 9    £10,700
Year 10    £10,900
Year 11    £11,615
Termly tuition fees include lunch

Y9: GBP£32,100    |    HK$321,000   |    CNY人民币¥417,300

Y10: GBP£32,700    |    HK$320,700   |    CNY人民币¥425,100

Y11: GBP£34,845    |    HK$348,450    |    CNY人民币¥452,985

Termly Fee    £6,975
Boarding fees include breakfast and dinner

Total: GBP£20,928    |    HK$209,280   |    CNY人民币¥272,064

Instrumental Music / Voice    £40 per 35-minute session cc (HK$400 / CNY¥520)

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