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Adcote School for Girls

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Boarding at Adcote

Adcote is a full termly boarding school, with a happy mixture of British girls and International students. Their ‘home from home’ boarding houses welcome girls from age eight through to eighteen and they offer full and weekly boarding in a safe, caring, friendly and disciplined environment in a school where privacy and independence are respected, and where the girls can enjoy companionship, fun and a lively programme of boarding activities.

The Head of Boarding and her team provide the care, comfort and support which are so important for the girls’ well-being and success, nurturing and guiding the youngest boarder through to the maturity of the Sixth Form student. Many of the staff at Adcote have been boarders themselves so have a real understanding of boarding and can empathise with the girls.

Adcote provides a homely environment where girls can relax. They will find constant help and support from the boarding team and fellow boarders are invaluable in helping girls to succeed. True friendships and support systems are forged that often remain strong for the rest of their lives. Adcote students and staff all have a strong sense of both family and traditional values in the boarding house.

By encouraging self-discipline and a sense of responsibility, Adcote staff seek to promote self-confidence and assurance without arrogance. In the Sixth Form, girls enjoy supervised independent living, encouraging them to mature and enabling them to move on at the end of Year 13 with confidence.

Dependent on availability, day girls are welcome to stay in the boarding house for occasional nights. Casual boarding arrangements respond to the occasional need for overnight stays, such as involvement in a school drama production, a birthday celebration, or for when parents need to be away from home for a particular reason.

Adcote are accredited as members of the Boarding Schools Association (BSA), Independent Schools Council (ISC), Independent Schools Association (ISA) and Girls’ Schools Association (GSA).

Boarding Houses

Adcote School has two boarding houses, where structure and routine are key. Aston Hall has twin rooms with en-suite facilities. In Norman House students are in rooms that typically sleep 2 to 6 students with separate bathroom facilities. Both houses have common rooms where the girls can relax, watch television, play games or simply have a hot drink and socialise. Meals are eaten as a boarding community in our Darby restaurant and given opportunities to mix across houses and year groups. Our catering team accommodate all specialist diets and our menus are varied and healthy.

Facilities & Values

Our activity programme offers both onsite and offsite cultural, active and relaxation activities and we encourage our students to take advantage of what’s on offer.

As part of our imaginative provision for both day girls and boarders, we run trips to local venues for shopping, swimming and bowling, visits to concert halls and theatres in the region, and weekend trips to places such as Chester, the Severn Valley railway alongside various fun activities. Examples of which are below:


A top #52 School


Adcote School has also been ranked 23rd in a recent league table, published in The Telegraph newspaper, of the best small independent schools in the UK for A-level results. It was the second highest-ranking small independent school in the West Midlands region.

Adcote School's CLEAR Learning Programme

When parents visit Adcote, the staff are always struck by the fact that they are united by a single wish: they all want their daughters to be the very best they can be.

The outcomes they want to secure for their daughters are always the same.

Universally, parents tell the team at Rubicon they want their daughters to be Confident: to have faith in themselves, to speak up, to challenge and defend.

They tell us they want their daughters to be able to Lead. To be able to take control of a situation as an excellent team player but also to be able to lead themselves when working independently.


In this multi-screened 21st century, parents tell us they want their daughters to be Engaged with the real world, not the virtual world presented to them online. They want them to be engaged with society and its challenges both locally and globally.


Of course, they want them to be Achievers. To achieve the best possible examination results they can but also to achieve in other areas and feel the thrill of success in competitions and performance.


Lastly, and so closely linked to success, they want their daughters to be Resilient, to understand that failure is a necessary part of success and know the value of lessons learned from mistakes: “bounce, don’t break”.


Adcote’s unique CLEAR Learning Programme is structured to embed the key outcomes of Confidence, Leadership, Engagement, Achievement and Resilience in all our students and is woven into the curriculum and every part of School life. 

The programme has evolved to include wide-ranging initiatives that introduce students to challenging new learning, adventure tasks and experiences that test their initiative, creativity, team building, resolve, social skills and endurance. 


For all girls, Adcote holds unique Challenge Days once a term. Girls enjoy the wide variety of tasks they are asked to complete and fully understand that the activities are designed to develop all aspects of the CLEAR Learning Programme. Challenge Days are all different but learning through the outdoors is always an important feature of them. Previous activities have included “dengineering”, bushcraft, orienteering and, perhaps their favourite, dismantling a car engine. Some challenges take place indoors, such as writing and publishing a book in a day, weaving or bridge construction.


Adcote School are really proud of our award-winning CLEAR Learning Programme and hope it will impress you too. 



Adcote has an unrivalled reputation for building the right sort of confidence in young people.

Their small classes and homely setting mean that all Adcote staff know each and every girl very well. Thus, they feel truly valued and of importance.


Adcote has an atmosphere of mutual respect and their approach is to develop students through positive encouragement, for when a girl’s self-esteem is high, she will rise more readily to challenge.  In this way, she will achieve far more than she often imagines, whatever her age.

Nothing quite builds confidence like feeling valued as part of a team. Fewer students in Adcote School means that all their girls have an opportunity to take part in whole School activities and events.  

Adcote enters many competitions and their victories mean that students self-belief soars and because everyone knows each other so well, the whole School feels uplifted by their wins.

For girls who need to have their confidence built in a more personalised way, they have more individual programmes to encourage them such as LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art), School debating classes and in-house presentations, from assemblies to EPQ in the Sixth Form.

Adcote's tailored support, girl-centric delivery and attitude of warmth and encouragement mean that their girls’ self-worth is high. Visitors to their School (which, Rubcion can arrange with discounts!) unfailingly comment on the personable nature of our students, including School inspectors who reported that our girls were “articulate, polite and their behaviour is exceptionally good.”



As an All-Girls School, Adcote feels they have a particular responsibility to supply the next generation of women leaders with all the skills, qualities and, importantly, the self-belief they will need so that they can truly break the glass ceiling.

Academic qualifications are central to the initial success of young women. They enable them to access the courses of their choice so that they can access the career of their choice. However, how they progress in their career is often down to far, far more than a set of certificates.

Girls will need confidence, engagement and resilience in whichever occupation they decide to follow, but it is likely that the more they are successful in their professions, the more they will need to lead. Initially, they will need to lead themselves, to be able to work independently but also to be effective members of collaborative teams. Thereafter, as they build their career, they will need to show leadership in a variety of ways, to model good practice and inspire others to follow their direction.


At Adcote, their work-related learning activities build the necessary skills to lead effectively and with impact.

Alongside their CLEAR Learning Challenge Days, our older girls can develop their leadership skills through our Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, Combined Cadets Force and our own bespoke learning through the outdoors programme called Wayfarers.


Adcote School Sixth Form girls can achieve a CMI award in Leadership and Management.

Senior girls also lead within the School in their roles as Prefects and House Captains. School council means that students’ voices of all ages are heard and girls from all sections of the School often lead whole School initiatives in response to ideas raised.

Younger girls experience leadership through roles of responsibility, with experience of senior leadership coming at the end of the Prep School. The Head Girl and her team hold minuted meetings with a view to implementing new initiatives. All forms have captains and it is their responsibility to lead and manage their class in a variety of ways, including presentations in assemblies.



Adcote girls are good-hearted.


They respect each other and their staff, and engage exceptionally well with their learning, leading to a lively, purposeful and fun atmosphere in class where discipline issues are not a problem. Feeling secure in class means that our girls tend to take more risks with their learning, venturing answers more readily, challenging themselves to reach new heights in their understanding.


Adcote promote kindness and courtesy, ensuring that girls have a full understanding that how they treat others will inform how they are treated themselves.

Adcote students have a keen awareness of the challenges faced by those less fortunate than themselves. This means that they devote a generous portion of their time to devising and implementing projects to raise money or organising events to bring comfort or entertainment to others. There are several annual fund raising activities, including the popular Race For Life event, which is enormously enjoyed by the girls, their parents and the staff and serves as a yearly reminder of the closeness of the Adcote community.

Adcote School's PSHE programme ensures that girls have a strong understanding of current affairs and visiting speakers give them an informed and personal account of key issues. Their staff encourage off site trips to provide expert, first hand understanding of a topic of study. They also have a wide range of extra-curricular visits for the girls to enjoy together and their annual ski trip is always oversubscribed, as are their visits to Christmas Markets both at home and abroad.

Adcote School teaches British values but as they educate girls from all over the world, their students have a full knowledge of other cultures and traditions. This global diversity offers their students a reflection of the working environment they are likely to encounter in their careers.



Adcote School are proud of their non-selective status, as they do not believe in writing children off at any stage of their education. They accept all children, assess, and address their needs and through our warm encouragement, careful monitoring and personalised attention, they thrive. They secure results that are far in excess of the national average and girls leave Adcote to study at some of the top universities in the UK, including Oxford and Cambridge.


However, their girls’ excellence is not merely in the field of academic results and their list of accomplishments is the envy of many Schools that are twice their size in number.

Adcote fully believes in the benefits of healthy competition. In their preparation for an event in the public eye, girls learn the value of planning and all the advantages that disciplined preparation can bring, whether that’s rehearsal, practice or, of course, revision.

Knowing the exhilaration of winning is a feeling that lives with a girl long after she has left school. It can stimulate in her a determination to experience the same thrill of success in other areas of her life and that drive will serve her well in her future.



A child’s education is the portal to their future. Their School days will see them transform from little girls into young women and during their time at School, they will have to navigate all the tricky challenges that the teenage years can bring. They need sympathy, understanding and knowledgeable guidance in order to preserve a healthy state of mind and develop a can-do attitude.

Adcote School understands the pressures young students face as they make their journey to adulthood. They know that the emotional and physical changes they experience in the teen years can, at the very least, be unsettling and at worst, quite frightening. They understand that they are worried about the pressures of examination performance but that these days they are also faced with the draining challenges surrounding body image and self-esteem presented by social media. Adcote School takes mental health very seriously in their School. All their staff are trained in mental well-being for students and their attitude of care means that girls always have someone to talk to if they are worried about something, but additionally, they have an on-site counsellor to listen and advise students if they so wish.

At Adcote, they build strategies in their students that allow them to be strong in the face of the trials they encounter in the modern world. Their carefully crafted curriculum means that they build resilience in their characters, from tackling nerves before a sports match to conquering a difficult problem as part of their Challenge Programme. In this way, they cope with adversity and go on to flourish.

However, they also know that sometimes children need some extra support. The Adcote School team are the adults and it is their responsibility to use their lmpw;edge. experience, and training to help their students with specialised care and advice. That is why they have they dedicated Student Services Department. Their staff provide support for whatever a student’s additional needs might be, whether that’s help in unblocking some learning barriers, or providing extra support if English is not a student’s first language.


Challenge Days

Adcote School's CLEAR Learning Programme, includes a powerful tool which transforms character in a manner that is very different from routine curriculum content in the form of Challenge Days, where students are placed in carefully crafted, complex situations which safely take them out of their comfort zones in order to grow the core skills within them. The concept is that they either “de-skill” girls in order to generate new talents in them, or they specifically target key areas, (or indeed individual girls) where they know character is not as robust as it could be.


Challenge Days happen every term and are enjoyed by all our girls. The timetable is collapsed for the day and a comprehensive schedule of activities is organised. The tasks set are wide ranging and unusual to deliberately place the girls in situations they would not usually experience.


All girls take part in all activities, but no girl is made to do what she cannot bear. 


All activities take place in mixed age groups in order to encourage collegiality but also so that younger students can learn from older students. Teams are House based to give a competitive edge and encourage leadership from the girls.

Cross phase collaboration is encouraged but there are some activities which are designed for younger or older students only.  The tasks are designed to be enjoyable but demanding as students should extend their skills. 

All assignments are designed to address at least one element of the CLEAR Learning Programme. For example, orienteering activities develop resilience, escape rooms foster confidence, engagement and leadership. Success engenders the exhilaration of achievement.

All girls graduate from our CLEAR Learning Programme at the end of Key Stages 3, 4 and 5. To qualify, they must prove that they have attained a good level of competency in each area. Tutors complete comprehensive, personalised student records to provide evidence that each skill has been met. Challenge Days provide many opportunities for girls to deliver confirmation that they have developed the core skills, along with other activities in the curriculum. 


Adcote School understand that choosing the right school is an important and sometimes complex decision, for both parents and daughters. You will be supported in this by the Rubicon Partner or our highly experienced Admissions Team, who will be your main point of contact during the process. They are here to answer your questions, help you to navigate anything that is unfamiliar, and generally provide guidance and reassurance during the admissions journey.

Entrance is by way of interview & assessment (which we arrange on your behalf), and a report from the current school (which you submit to us here when you're ready!). Pupils may gain admission to Adcote School in any year group and also throughout the academic year by special arrangement with the Headmistress.

Remember: You too can achieve the very best.

Once you have decided that Adcote is the right school for your daughter, a taster day can be arranged while we are awaiting reports and references from the current school. We can also explore Sporting, Musical, and Artistic and Performing scholarships on your behalf.

Key Information

Entry Requirements

Applicants for Years 6 – 10 are required to take an Online Entrance Assessment

A Level applicants are required to have 5 GCSE’s, 3 at Grade 5 and 2 at Grade 4

References must be submitted and verified


There is a school minibus service for those travelling daily from Shrewsbury, Wem, Telford and Oswestry/Welshpool areas. To find out more about this service and the routes covered please contact our Rubicon Admissions team or your Rubicon Partner

For boarders parents can be assisted in making arrangements at the start and end of term if necessary. A school minibus usually collects girls from major airports and overseas boarders are assisted with arrangements for flights.


A deposit of HK$5000 (£500) is then payable to secure a place (upon receipt of offer)

If an offer of a place is given, an invoice for the deposit and registration fee will be issued for immediate payment. Once paid, the place will be confirmed and a full joining pack will be sent.

The deposit will be refunded when the student leaves Adcote School, please see our terms and conditions for further details.

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